Stakeholder Action

Are you ready to submit your 2021 Action Pledge? The deadline is 15 May.

The following structure should guide your year:


Identify your 2021 Action Pledge and shift into motion


Share your journey through stories and experiences


Build upon your ideas with fellow change makers

Submit your 2021 Action Pledge

Make sure to read this Practical Guide and the Pledge FAQs before you submit your 2021 Action Pledge.


Use the form below to select a focal point, for coordination purposes.


We expect stakeholders and individuals to take a meaningful and realistic action in 2021.

Yes, we encourage action at the individual level as well, though the individual is responsible for completing their pledge.

Yes, all companies can submit a pledge. If you are a member of the Child Labour Platform or Global Network on Forced Labour, please reach out to your focal point before submitting a 2021 Action Pledge so the relevant Secretariat can support you in identifying and then communicating about your pledge.

Each stakeholder should submit one pledge, however, they can still take action beyond what they pledge. The idea of making a single pledge is so that stakeholders can commit to completing it in 2021. Organizations with subsidiaries can submit 2021 Action Pledges that are separate, but, at the global level, organizations should select only one pledge that represents the most ambitious yet achievable contribution they can make and communicate about. For example, Save the Children International and Save the Children UK can each submit 2021 Action Pledges separately, although we encourage internal coordination and collaboration to prevent overlap.

If you want to change the name of your 2021 Action Pledge, or the party responsible for implementation, please contact us at No new submissions will be accepted after May 15th 2021.

We understand circumstances change, and this is a voluntary commitment. However, we encourage stakeholders to share their experiences, even if they are not successful.

Stakeholder 2021 Action Pledges will be monitored throughout the year to encourage the completion of the pledge by the end of 2021, however, the main way to show progress is through sharing content and by following the monthly Practical Guidance for the Inspire pillar. Monitoring will entail filling out a few questions about your progress in June and November 2021.

Stakeholders and individuals are encouraged to produce content every month to share the journey of their pledge. See the Practical Guide for suggestions on how you can communicate. We also ask that stakeholders and individuals post this content on social media with the hashtag #EndChildLabour2021.

If you have further questions, email us at

How to fill out the submission form

How to submit your 2021 Action Pledge

International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

It’s time to accelerate the pace of progress, to inspire legislative and practical actions, and to eliminate child labour for good.

Join us in shifting from commitments to action!

What is a 2021 Action Pledge?

A pledge is a promise and a plan to take concrete action in 2021 to end child labour by 2025.

For example:

Develop a regional roadmap to end child labour
Establish a zero-tolerance approach to child labour in trade agreements
Provide training for local NGOs to prevent an increase in child labour due to COVID-19

Refer to the Practical Guide for further guidance on how to make a realistic and meaningful SMART pledge.

What are the steps?

The submission form includes four sections:

Focal point: What type of stakeholder are you?
Contact: How can we get in touch with you?
Action Pledge: What is your 2021 Action Pledge?
Declaration: Do you agree with the terms?

We ask that Regional Bodies and countries get in touch with their ILO Regional or Country focal point for further guidance about formulating a SMART pledge before submitting their pledge through the submission form.

What are the questions?


Use the form below to select a focal point, for coordination purposes.

What type of stakeholder are you?*
Regional Body

For Regional Bodies, we recommend getting in touch with your ILO Regional Office for further guidance about formulating a SMART pledge before submitting your 2021 Action Pledge through this form.

For Alliance 8.7 Pathfinder Countries, we recommend getting in touch with your ILO focal point for further guidance about formulating a SMART pledge before submitting your 2021 Action Pledge through this form. For other Countries, we recommend getting in touch with your ILO Country Office or the UN Country Office.



Your job title*
Regional body, country or organization name*
Is your regional body, country or organization an Alliance 8.7 Partner?*
Yes - No

For organizations only: Country your organization is based in*

For organizations only: Type of organization*
United Nations
International organization
Government institution
Business network or employers’ organization
Workers’ organization
Civil society organization
Academic institution
Private sector (company)

Website / URL*

Social handles*

Primary email address of pledge focal point*
Secondary email address
Email address of communications focal point


Name of your 2021 Action Pledge*
This should convey your overall objective, such as “Ratify ILO Convention No. 138” or “Become an Alliance 8.7 Pathfinder Country.”

Describe your 2021 Action Pledge*
Tell us, in a few sentences, about the process and plan behind your pledge. Who are the main beneficiaries? What is the key problem you are trying to solve? Which tools will you use to accomplish your goals?

How will you implement your 2021 Action Pledge?*
Outline the broad steps you envision for the year ahead.

How will your Action Pledge contribute to ending child labour?*
Here’s an example: “By joining the Child Labour Platform, Company X expects to learn from other members how best to prevent child labour in supply chains and how to overcome certain obstacles when reviewing supply chains. Company X also expects to share our experience in sector X or Country X.”

Who is responsible for implementation?
This could be a specific ministry, or department, or if you represent an organization with an international presence, this could be the name of the country office or department.

What sort of content will you produce to communicate about this 2021 Action Pledge?*
Sharing your experience will inspire other stakeholders, as well as help them learn about and replicate best practices. For guidance on how to best curate and produce content, refer to this Practical Guide.

If you still have questions before submitting your pledge, check out the FAQs.

As an authorized representative of my organization, I commit to:

Implement the 2021 Action Pledge submitted here today as part of the global effort to achieve SDG Target 8.7 and end child labour by 2025;
To share relevant content throughout the year on the process of implementation that I might consider useful to other stakeholders; and
To engage with other stakeholders throughout the year to share experiences and learn from one another.
I further acknowledge that this campaign, led jointly by Alliance 8.7, is an advocacy initiative and that the campaign itself will not act as a policy making, standard setting or supervisory body. The existing supervisory systems of the UN structure remain the established, overarching mechanisms to monitor and review implementation of existing international standards. I understand that there is no penalty for failing to implement a 2021 Action Pledge by the deadline of 30th December 2021. All submissions are voluntary.

I agree to the information I have provided to be used by Alliance 8.7 and presented publicly for the purposes of the international year. Please note personal contact details will not be shared.

I agree to receiving updates from Alliance 8.7 about the international year.