Action against Child Exploitation

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Ending child labour through partnership and collective impact

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On the pledge:

We will adopt a collaborative/systemic approach to eliminating child labour by engaging multiple stakeholders by:
- conducting community development projects in Ghana, India and Japan;
- advocating the Japanese government and international community;
- involving the business sector in supply chain transparency;
- raising people’s awareness of child labour issues.

On the implementation:

We will implement our 2021 Action Pledge based on the three strategic pillars “Action, Inspire, Scale up”, and by placing importance on partnership and collective impact.

On the impact:

We will promote the Guidelines and Protocols, “Establishing Child Labour Free Zones (CLFZs) in Ghana” through pilot activities in collaboration with the Ghanaian government and JICA. This is expected to present a model case of collective impact for the elimination of child labour.

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