Fighting child labour has been a priority for the ILO since its creation in 1919.

One of the first ILO Conventions adopted that year was on minimum age for employment.

Over the years, the ILO has:

  • Recognized freedom from child labour as a fundamental human right in the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • Implemented the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, the most quickly ratified Convention ever
  • Tackled child labour in the globalized economy with the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization
  • Prioritized rural economies, supply chains, and fragile states with IPEC+
  • Launched Alliance 8.7, a global strategic partnership that accelerates action towards SDG Target 8.7

I wish to submit to you that, with more efforts and robust policies such as the Ten Year Plan to combat Child Labour, we shall overcome and we shall surely arrive at “The Africa We Want.”

H.E. Amira El Fadil
Commissioner for Social Affairs of the African Union Commission

A future of work that provides decent and sustainable incomes for all is impossible without the elimination of child labour.

The ILO’s 100-year-old goal – the abolition of child labour – is within reach.
We must act now.


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