The International Year is a 365-day push
towards ending child labour

This year, hundreds of stakeholders will complete a 2021 Action: an ambitious, yet achievable goal with a 30 December deadline.

Examples of 2021 Actions

Develop a regional roadmap in 2021 to end child labour

Conduct a national child labour survey during 2021

Provide training for local NGOs to prevent an increase in child labour in 2021 due to COVID-19

Draft new legislation to promote public procurement as an instrument to fight child labour

Implement a Child Labour Monitoring System in 2021

Launch a research project to assess the impact of COVID-19 on child labour, beginning work in 2021

Design and implement a child labour eradication programme using an area-based approach

Include child labour prevention in collective bargaining negotiations

Conduct a course on child labour statistics

Share your journey

Beyond raising awareness about the issue, the Alliance 8.7 team advocates for a new approach: using communications tools to drive change and solve challenges.

The team envisions:

  • Sharing experiences throughout the journey
  • Events and action-based activities that highlight insights, good practices, and lessons learned
  • Knowledge sharing and network building to scale up solutions

2021 Actions contain multitudes, including mini-goals, events, and stories. Check the Latest section to see progress in real time.

Thousands of people around the world are working to end child labour

This year, we’re telling their stories.


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