Everyone can make a difference; individuals
can make personal choices

Individuals have power when they work together in a coordinated global movement.

10-Day Challenge

Did you know that 160 million children are in child labour, today?
The United Nations has declared 2021 the year to end it for good.
Take action now. Join this challenge to raise awareness and make a difference for children everywhere.

2021 is the United Nation’s year to end child labour.

My Story

We want to know: What’s your story?
What drives you? Why do you want to end child labour?

Your story matters. Raise your voice for children, today.

Photo Challenge

You can do your part to help children in 2021 using social media.

It’s simple: find a childhood photo, tell us what you wanted to be when you grew up, and make a post using the hashtag #EndChildLabour2021.