FNV, Dutch National Trade Union

pledges to

Promote core labour standards and living wages as enabling rights for the eradication of child labour and the right to education

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

We will tackle the root causes of child labour in Global Supply Chains, organise workers and campaign for Decent Work, social protection and adequate wages, and advocate for public policies that allow universal quality public education for everyone.

On the implementation:

We will identify those risks that are root causes for the occurrence of child labour, implement projects aimed at strengthening school provisions and teachers’ skills, supports various projects to prevent child labour, and lobby strongly towards political parties and government for initiatives at the national level.

On the impact:

We will share knowledge, expertise and good practices, and learn through different platforms in the Netherlands; we will also contribute to the Global Union Federations’ child labour eradication policies and practices worldwide.

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