The Japan Association for the Advancement of ILO Activities

pledges to

Provide its contribution to ILO child labour projects

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We are taking action!

Get the latest updates through our social channels. Follow us and check the hashtags #our2021pledge and #endchildlabour2021 to learn more about the concrete steps we are taking to end child labour.

On the pledge:

We will provide the contributions collected so far to the ILO in 2021, International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, for use in certain Child Labour Elimination Project and carry out public relations activities to raise awareness in Japan.

On the implementation:

We will discuss effective and efficient implementation manner with the ILO in regards to child labour.

On the impact:

Through fundraising and public relations activities, we will increase the momentum for the elimination of child labour in Japan, which will contribute to change the behaviour of companies and consumers.

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