Global Child Forum

pledges to

Leverage data, company case stories, and tools on children’s rights and business in order to contribute to deepening the understanding of corporate action on child labour issues

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We are taking action!

Get the latest updates through our social channels. Follow us and check the hashtags #our2021pledge and #endchildlabour2021 to learn more about the concrete steps we are taking to end child labour.

On the pledge:

Global Child Forum will highlight and contribute to deepening the understanding of what companies can do to join the fight against child labour in a meaningful way.

On the implementation:

We will highlight our repository of benchmark data, cases, and tools on how companies can address and report on children's rights issues.

On the impact:

We will ignite action and contribute to the drive to eliminate child labour with our benchmark data, which has scored over 2,600 companies on a variety of children's rights indicators including key data on child labour policies by sector and region.

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