Costa Rica - Ministry of Labour and Social Security

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Create the conditions for the establishment of a single system for information on and registration of under-age workers

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On the pledge:

There is a lack of a single information management system – accessible to and fed into by all bodies with responsibilities in the area of child labour and the protection of adolescent workers – to cover the identification, profiling and care of underage workers.

On the implementation:

1. Design of project profile
2. Identification of key institutions and actors that could be involved in the initiative
3. Presentation and discussion of the project
4. Search for sponsors and strategic partners to contribute to the eventual implementation.

On the impact:

The establishment of a single, common information management system would allow synergies to be established and efforts to be harnessed more efficiently, freeing up valuable resources to strengthen the care of beneficiary populations within and across the network of key institutions and actors with responsibilities in efforts to eradicate child labour.

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