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Amplify the commitment of the scouts towards the elimination of child labour in Morocco

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On the pledge:

In partnership with the ILO and MAP16 Maroc, the OSMM is committed to capitalize their experience in the field of the fight against child labour in the Rabat-Kénitra region and to share it with the other 11 regional sections in order to mobilize them around the elimination of child labour in Morocco.

On the implementation:

This pledge is based on three practical activities: 1) to document the experience of the Kénitra section; 2) to organize two teleconferences between the members of all regions ; 3) to organize a tour intended to facilitate a series of workshops.

On the impact:

This pledge will allow mobilizing the scouts in Morocco in order to 1) integrate the goal of contributing to the fight against child labour into the annual programme; 2) encourage the regional sections to develop projects ; 3) incorporate this topic into the animation programme of the scouts-led holiday camps in Morocco.

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