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Implement child labour monitoring, prevention and care systems as part of our Responsible Agricultural Production project

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On the pledge:

Our pledge as an NGO is to strategically lead these models of public-private coordination and management to monitor, prevent and eradicate agricultural child labour in Tucumán and Misiones in blueberry and yerba maté production, respectively.

On the implementation:

The project includes the following actions: a) awareness-raising campaigns for actors in the production chain from the range of municipalities or specific actions for local communities; b) implementation of a system to monitor and prevent the presence of child labour in production chains; c) implementation or strengthening of socio-community and protection services; d) diploma course on the prevention and eradication of child labour for civil servants; e) care protocols.

On the impact:

This pledge contributes to the proposal of public-private management models that can be replicated in other production sectors.

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