STOP, a Global Tobacco Industry Watchdog

pledges to

Expose tobacco industry tactics in order to eliminate child labour

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On the pledge:

We will support efforts to remove tobacco industry interference in tobacco control policies, including policies to encourage shifting to alternative livelihoods in accordance with Articles 17/18 of the WHO FCTC.

On the implementation:

We will develop and disseminate a factsheet on the tobacco industry's complicity in child labour, develop a social media toolkit for tobacco control advocates around the world, and bring this together in a campaign highlighting the ongoing use of child labour in the industry.

On the impact:

We will provide policymakers with current evidence which demonstrates industry complicity in child labour and raise awareness about the need to implement WHO FCTC Art 17, 18, and 5.3 to get governments on the right track to lift farmers out of tobacco farming and poverty.

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