The Centre for Child Rights and Business

pledges to

Intensify its efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labour

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

The Centre will offer its services to a group of enterprises to work on common goals towards the elimination of child labour, with a collective focus on expanding due diligence, prevention, remediation and monitoring activities.

On the implementation:

We will:
– conduct risk assessments of child labour and its impact on the direct operations and supply chain of the
enterprises contacted;
– develop and update the child labour prevention, on-site intervention and remediation policies,
procedures and programmes of the enterprises concerned;
– create and facilitate capacity-building and training programmes for key staff on social compliance in
child labour with a focus on risk and due diligence within the enterprises concerned;
– highlight child labour in external communications and advocacy materials during 2021.

On the impact:

Our goal for 2025 is to provide professional services to 15 enterprises and 40 work units benefiting approximately 1,800 children at risk or in child labour linked to the direct activities and supply chains of
the enterprises concerned.

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