International Labour Organization

pledges to

Lead, support, and coordinate multi-stakeholder collective action against child labour in 2021

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

Given our tripartite structure, our role as Secretariat of Alliance 8.7 and the Child Labour Platform and as co-authors of the Global Estimates on Child Labour, the ILO has a unique position to inspire and support multistakeholder action this year by leading from behind.

On the implementation:

The ILO is doing a lot to address child labour this year, with the launch of the new Global Estimates on World Day Against Child Labour together with UNICEF, the SDG 8.7 Innovation Challenge and our ongoing support to constituents through development cooperation projects, to name but a few. Primarily, the ILO is pledging to support all 300+ pledgemakers to share their journey, connect with each other, inspire each other and learn from how others overcome the challenges they will undoubtedly face this year to reverse the deeply concerning trend towards an increase in child labour.

On the impact:

By fostering a community of stakeholders working to end child labour to share their experiences, learn from and support each other and to identify successful projects programmes and initiatives that can be scaled up in the years to come, impact achieved by ourselves, our constituents and our partners can be magnified, progress accelerated and the most effective solutions scaled up.

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