Argentinean Brick Workers’ Union

pledges to

Strengthen education for children and adolescents

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On the pledge:

Our pledge is to advocate for tracking educational paths in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Integration and support, with play as a recreational tool to prevent and eradicate child labour in the
territory; training for trade union organizations in the territory to influence policy on the prevention and eradication of child labour.

On the implementation:

The beneficiaries are children and adolescents between five and 15 years old that work in brick kilns. The problem to be solved is the total disconnection from schooling that was brought about by COVID-19. We will use partnerships with government agencies, clubs and parents to achieve our aims.

On the impact:

With the training of union officials and actions to follow educational paths and reintegration into schooling, we will reduce child labour in the brick kilns.

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