International Trade Union Confederation

pledges to

Intensify our campaign for a new social contract to end child labour

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

We will build momentum for a new social contract that ensures human and labour rights are respected and allows parents to count on a quality job and on social protection as resilience against unemployment, national or global shocks.

On the implementation:

We pledge to intensify our campaign for a new social contract where mandated due diligence and disclosure hold companies accountable through their supply chains, particularly in agriculture, manufacturing and mining. We will escalate the demand for universal social protection with a global social protection fund to close the funding gap and to ensure families in our poorest nations do not face the heartbreaking choice of seeing their children forced to work for survival.

On the impact:

This Action Pledge will allow us to develop a global collective responsibility to ensure that children have a childhood and quality education and that they can look forward optimistically to future life choices.

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