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Implement the Model for the Detection and Eradication of Child Labour

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On the pledge:

We will prioritize actions in the territory through the efficient use of the Modelo de Identificación del Riesgo de Trabajo Infantil (Child Labour Risk Identification Model – MIRTI).

On the implementation:

For the implementation of the MIRTI in 2020, the MTPE proposed policy recommendations to be put into practice by the regions. A total of 12 regions implemented the recommendations: Ayacucho, Callao, Huancavelica, Huánuco, Junín, La Libertad, Loreto, Moquegua, Pasco, Piura, Tacna and Ucayali.

On the impact:

The aim is to incorporate the identification of child labour into inspection actions carried out by local governments in establishments and enterprises within their jurisdiction through the implementation of the MIRTI.

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