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pledges to

Further integrate a child rights focus in three aspects of the IKEA supply chain management system

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On the pledge:

The IKEA business has a long history of working to tackle the issue of child labour, dating back to the late 90s when we established IWAY, the IKEA way of responsibly procuring products, services, materials and components. Since then, we have worked actively to develop our due diligence systems to prevent, monitor and remediate child labour in our supply chain.

On the implementation:

We will further integrate children’s rights into the existing due diligence system, accelerate our work to promote decent work for young workers, and partner up to increase and scale efforts.

On the impact:

During 2021, we will undertake a child rights analysis to review IWAY from a child rights perspective. The recommendations from the analysis will form a plan for how to practice and strengthen IWAY moving forward.

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