The NGO "Terre De Chansons"

pledges to

Widely disseminate the songs “Libérez les enfants” (Free the Children) and “Enfant soldat” (Child Soldier) and share them in several languages: tools for schools and choirs

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On the pledge:

We will widely distribute the songs "Libérez les enfants" and "Enfant soldat" and provide all the tools for them to be sung in several languages. We will provide tools for schools and choirs and raise the awareness of children and adults on these important subjects.

On the implementation:

We will provide all the tools to distribute the songs and have them sung in other languages. We will also work with artists in Argentina on the Spanish version"¡Liberen a los niños!

On the impact:

Experience from numerous concerts has proved that song is an invaluable medium to raise awareness and engage the public. Music and poetry touch the mind and heart. Through artistic expression, young people can become aware of their power to touch and move other young people and adults.

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