The Rainforest Alliance

pledges to

Support farmers to tackle child labour

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

There is no place in either sustainable agriculture or responsible business for human rights abuses such as child labor. We commit to the following actions in 2021: supporting farmers to tackle child labor, community and landscape programs, research, and advocacy and awareness raising.

On the implementation:

The Rainforest Alliance will support community and landscape programs in at least 100 communities in Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana to tackle root causes of child labor through education, vocational and technical training (targeting youth), income-generating activities, gender empowerment, awareness raising, and advocacy with national and local authorities.

On the impact:

We will increase farmers' knowledge of how they can prevent, monitor and remediate child labor, improve community access to services to prevent and remediate child labor, and increase policy makers' understanding of the root causes and proven strategies to tackle child labor.

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