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Promote due diligence and awareness of Child Labour throughout MANGO’s supply chain

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

We will develop an action plan in our supply chain on due diligence in order to promote the best practices that contribute to the eradication of Child Labour.

On the implementation:

We will: identify the geographical areas with the highest risk of Child Labour in the fashion sector (through the development of a Risk Map of our supply chain); carry out training and/or awareness actions related to Child Labour with our partners in the supply chain (CCOO of Industry, Member of Alliance 8.7) in the countries detected with a high risk of Child Labour, according to the Risk Map mentioned above; and carry out an educational programme focused on the reduction of child poverty in one of the countries in our supply chain (to be determined).

On the impact:

The objective will be to publicly share this Risk Map which will contribute to raising awareness within the industry that Child Labour is currently still a latent risk.

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