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Develop strategic planning 2021–2025

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On the pledge:

In order to clarify efforts to meet Target 8.7, this tool will be developed for the benefit of children and adolescents in Honduras to prevent child labour and guarantee protection for adolescent workers through articulated actions involving key actors in this sphere.

On the implementation:

- Sectoral workshops with government, workers, employers, civil society, and international cooperation to identify sectoral commitments and involvement in the fight against child labour
- Develop an inter-sectoral workshop with all these actors together to define the route to follow in the fulfilment of Target 8.7, to be included in the strategic planning
- Compile all the information gathered in the workshops to create a planning document
- Disseminate the strategic planning to the key actors in the sphere and to the general public

On the impact:

By having an instrument that provides actions, goals and indicators with a clear objective to guide us over the years to reduce the rates of child labour in the country, we can get closer to achieving Target 8.7.

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