Work: No child's business

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Empower communities to improve their livelihoods, and urge governments and companies to ensure fair supply chains

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On the pledge:

We address the root causes of child labour and work towards creating an enabling environment where children and youth can be free of child labour and enjoy their right to education, physical and mental wellbeing, vocational training and future decent work.

On the implementation:

In 2021 we will continue monitoring the situation, assessing intervention strategies and accelerating coordinated action to enhance the economic empowerment of families, and the (re)integration of children into formal schools or vocational training. We actively support and promote an area-based approach and a supply chain approach.

On the impact:

Mitigating the negative effects of COVID-19, tackling the root causes of child labour, mobilizing resources and activating all stakeholders to collaborate and be part of the solution, will bring sustainable change for children and their families. Empowered communities stand up for their rights within safe and enabling environments.

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