Fairtrade International

pledges to

Address child labour and its root causes in the farming communities with which they work

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On the pledge:

We pledge to build upon our Youth Inclusive Community Based Monitoring and Remediation (YICBMR) efforts in vulnerable regions where child labour is present because those regions are where Fairtrade can contribute to addressing underlying root causes and where we are needed most.

On the implementation:

Our efforts will include securing key partnerships with global organizations and local partners to build awareness of child labour remediation best practices; rollout of YICBMR engagement in producer nations and led by producer organizations; and amplified communications efforts across social media channels and global press, emphasizing the necessary holistic approach towards addressing root causes to combat child labour in vulnerable communities.

On the impact:

We will build on the expertise of other members to expand our efforts of working with producer organisations in educating children and youth on how to identify risks to their wellbeing, map where they feel safe and unsafe, and together with adults from their communities, design preventive projects to enhance children’s wellbeing and development.

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