Switzerland - State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

pledges to

Due diligence on child labour and joining Alliance 8.7 as a partner country

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On the pledge:

Switzerland is in the process of establishing due diligence related to child labour in its legislation. Switzerland pledges to do all it can to ensure it enters into force quickly. Furthermore, Switzerland pledges to join Alliance 8.7 as a partner country in 2021.

On the implementation:

1) The Federal Council hopes to finalize new legislation providing due diligence on child labour by the end of 2021.
2) The President of the Confederation will announce Switzerland's joining of Alliance 8.7 as a partner country on 1 April 2021.

On the impact:

Due diligence will allow the implementation of plans against child labour by the private sector. Through participation in Alliance 8.7, the coordinated fight against child labour by the public and private sectors will be boosted.

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