Ferrero International

pledges to

Work towards eliminating child labour in cocoa sourcing communities in West Africa and hazelnut harvesting in Turkey through partnerships

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On the pledge:

Ferrero will further scale and strengthen activities to protect children in Ferrero’s cocoa supply chain in Ivory Coast and Ghana through partnerships with non-profit organizations and other partners. Ferrero is also supporting the ILO in a public-private partnership to implement a multi-year project in the Turkish provinces of Trabzon, Zonguldak, and Şanlıurfa, designed to support the withdrawal of children currently working in the agriculture sector, as well as prevent others from entering it.

On the implementation:

The implementation of the programs in West Africa includes risk assessment, child protection, education, capacity building, training, and community development activities. As for the public-private partnership in Turkey, the project will contribute to facilitating a situational / needs assessment to target activities in Trabzon and Zonguldak; awareness-raising and training for authorities; and preparation for the harvest conducted with local stakeholders, including teacher training.

On the impact:

Our work in West Africa will contribute to ensuring strong synergy with Ferrero’s current commitments, programs, and engagement with suppliers and supporting the achievement of SDG 8.7. The project in Turkey will contribute to the implementation of the national development and action plans of Turkey.

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