Confederation of Mexican Workers

pledges to

Launch an awareness-raising and information campaign on child labour and the violation of the rights of children and adolescents

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We are taking action!

Get the latest updates through our social channels. Follow us and check the hashtags #our2021pledge and #endchildlabour2021 to learn more about the concrete steps we are taking to end child labour.

On the pledge:

From 1 June, we will implement an information campaign on our social networks using an infographic to reach our members, followers and union network.

On the implementation:

A letter will be sent to all the federations and unions affiliated to this Confederation informing them of the importance of making this issue visible and joining the pledge by replicating it on all of their social networks from 1 to 12 June, and inviting everyone to join in this huge task.

On the impact:

It is vital that federations and trade unions know how important it is to eradicate child labour and the key role of trade union action in this area, because workers’ organizations can contribute a great deal, thanks to their structure and constitution, to everything from collective agreements and the defence of workers’ rights to social protection and decent work.

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