National Council of Employers of Benin

pledges to

Dissemination of the Children’s Code in the Republic of Benin to step up the fight in the agricultural sector

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

In its Annual Work Plan (AWP), the CNP-Benin adopted two issues for 2021: Sectoral social dialogue and the retention and recruitment of members.

On the implementation:

We are going to combine sectoral dialogue with awareness-raising actions on the rights of the child and the elimination of child labour. We are also going to seek support from our technical and financial partners (ILO / DECP / large agricultural sector companies) to carry out the action started in 2021.

On the impact:

Lack of awareness of labour legislation in the agricultural sector can promote or wipe out efforts over many years. Raising the awareness of companies in the sector to join the platform on child labour, if possible. Encouraging action in this key sector of the Benin economy.

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