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End child labour in the 50 locations in the 4 states of Northeast India

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We are taking action!

Get the latest updates through our social channels. Follow us and check the hashtags #our2021pledge and #endchildlabour2021 to learn more about the concrete steps we are taking to end child labour.

On the pledge:

We will eliminate child labour by 2025 in the 50 villages in the 4 states of Northeast India and conductì symposium advocacy campaigns in different locations.

On the implementation:

We will initiate a survey, organise network groups of NGOs and philanthropists, implement projects and programmes, organise children groups with adult mentors in the 100 villages, and delegate staff and volunteers to monitor and follow up.

On the impact:

This Action Pledge will allow us to establish effective networks with like-minded NGOs, organise common action plans, and raise awareness through programmes leading to action plans.

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