Bureau pour la Croissance Intégrale et la Dignité de l’Enfant

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Eliminate definitively all forms of child labour by associating state and private structures, as well as the vital forces of the Nation

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On the pledge:

We are committed to eliminating child labour by advocating with the government, the National Assembly, involving the mass media, through awareness raising, outreach, identification, training and mainstreaming. We are going to organise door-to-door awareness campaigns and mobilise parents by encouraging them to send their children to school, as our government has launched the free basic education programme starting in 2020, which is a significant step forward in children’s education and training.

On the implementation:

We intend to advocate with the country’s authorities for the implementation of a series of proposals to strengthen the application of the laws prohibiting child labour. We will work in synergy with the Independent Observatory for Education in the DRC, which will accompany us in reporting on the progress of activities related to training, apprenticeships for children, including children who have become independent for their integration.

On the impact:

The awareness of all layers of society through actions to be carried out on the ground for the eradication of child labour as everyone has a role to play.

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