IOI Corporation Berhad

pledges to

Counter child labour via education post-Covid: Providing full-day zero cost educational platform access to our employees’ children.

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

We will focus on providing educational access to all IOI employees’ children through various educational platforms. The initiative will be launched to all 4 regions where we operate followed by socialization and awareness as well as training on the use of the appropriate learning platforms.

On the implementation:

We will coordinate, engage and collaborate with departments within our operations as well as with external stakeholders such as Educational vendors, Educational Institutions, etc. The implementation will involve the utilization of various digital learning platforms for broader implementation.

On the impact:

This Action Pledge will enable children to be informed of and understand what are their rights, be empowered to stand up for this right, and subsequently be provided with the tools to overcome social issues such as child labour, child abuse, child marriages, etc.

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