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Build technical capacities to strengthen monitoring, protection and prevention of child labour and update the hazardous child labour list

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On the pledge:

We will build the technical capacities of occupational safety and health (OSH) and labour inspectors to strengthen monitoring, protection and prevention of child labour. We will also update the hazardous child labour list (HCL) in accordance with the ILO Convention n. 182 and we will specify the nature of work children can perform.

On the implementation:

With the support of the ILO project ACCEL AFRICA, we will conduct a needs assessment study on 5 Governorates in Egypt as a pilot phase to assess the capabilities and the training needs for the OSH and Labour inspectors. We will updating the list which will determine what work is to be prohibited due to the danger it poses to their physical, psychological, or moral health following the ILO guide "The tripartite process of determining hazardous child labour.

On the impact:

The training plan will contribute to the elimination of child labour by increasing the awareness and stregthening the technical capacities of OSH and Labour inspectors that are responsible for detecting child labour cases in workplace. It will also protect children below the age of 18 years from hazardous work or other worst forms of child labour (e.g., forced labour, use in commercial sexual exploitation or illicit activities).

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