The Nechi Group

pledges to

Sustainably transform Nazaret schools as a source of inspiration and support

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On the pledge:

The model is structured around four key pillars: a Sustainable Organizational Culture of the schools; a Sustainable Educational Programme providing students with crosscutting competences directly related to the challenges posed by sustainability;, Sustainable Physical Spaces and Environment taking into account the specific features of each local community where the schools are located; and Sustainable Financing to implement the projects and measures relating to these pillars.

On the implementation:

Nazaret Cuida will grow from 60 SDG-related projects this 2020 to at least 150 among the 37 Nazaret schools in 2021. NATIVES will be implemented in a first phase in 40 schools, reaching a total of 200 in

On the impact:

By developing this transformative activity, the Nechi-Nazaret collaborative team hopes to enhance the empowerment of children and young people, build the capacity of the network of educators and
stakeholders, and provide tools to prevent child labour at all levels.

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