The Netherlands - Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (with support of the Dutch Social Partners and NGO’s)

pledges to

Let’s work together to end child labour in our supply chains, anywhere, by anyone. Period.

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

The Dutch government, the Dutch social partners and Dutch NGOs pledge to further join forces and activities with the aim of strengthening the message to end child labour in global supply chains, increase the sense of urgency, stimulate and activate businesses and accelerate actions. All from their own roles and responsibilities.

On the implementation:

We will actively share experiences and good practices to stimulate businesses to apply due diligence in their supply chains through the current multi-stakeholder initiatives, a special community app, and the organization of dedicated meetings. New multi-stakeholder initiatives can be developed through the Fund against Child Labour. And we put the need for an integrated approach of child labour, fundamental labour rights, quality education, living wage and income on the national and international agenda.

On the impact:

We will stimulate, support, and inspire businesses to take action, further develop their approaches, identify successful interventions, and initiate concrete projects to eliminate child labour. By linking quality education and living wage to combating root causes, we contribute to eradicating child labour in the longer term.

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