Association of Small Mine Operators for Peace and Reconstruction in Ituri

pledges to

Stop child labour in gold mines

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

Raising the awareness of mining site owners about the rights of the child and promoting awareness to not allow children access to their gold mines. Our objective is zero children working in gold mines. We plan to use comic strips, a booklet summarizing the rights of the child, screenings showing that a child's place is at school.

On the implementation:

We will go to the mining sites to raise awareness. We will organize awareness-raising and promotional workshops for representatives of mining cooperatives to involve them in the fight against the presence and work of children in gold mines.

On the impact:

Our work will allow mining stakeholders to become involved in monitoring and fighting against the presence of children in gold mines in Ituri Province. Supervisory committees will be set up for permanent monitoring of the presence of children in gold mines.

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