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On the pledge:

We will aim at having all regional stakeholders acknowledge the problem of child labour in the Algarve region, unify efforts to increase awareness, implement effective measures to solve this problem, and ameliorate the impact of this devastating pandemic in the Algarve.

On the implementation:

We will announce our commitment to the #EndChildLabour2021 initiative and partnership with Alliance 8.7, release a short video in recognition of World Day Against Child, host a public debate and a student’s debate on the problem of child labour in the Algarve, and organize an art exhibit on child labour prepared by the students of AEJD.

On the impact:

We will organize and mobilize the region’s University, R&D institutions, regional schools, and local government, professional associations, and other relevant regional stakeholders to address the problem of child labour in the Algarve in joint and concerted action.

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