These 3 stakeholders are ending child labour in agriculture

Creative ideas on how to address the problem in the most-affected sector

We’re highlighting some of the 2021 Action Pledges we’ve received so far. Get inspired by these short stories about how governments, UN agencies, NGOs, universities, organizations, tripartite partners, and many more are joining the global movement for children.

Why is child labour concentrated in agriculture?

Child labour overwhelmingly occurs in agriculture. According to the 2021 Global Estimates on child labour, 70% of all children in child labour, 112 million children in total, work in the agriculture sector. 

Family farms are often functionally dependent on child labour. The problem is structural, baked into the rural economies of many countries and supply chains.

Here’s how some of our pledge makers are taking a stand against it:


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a United Nations organization based in Italy.

Their 2021 Action Pledge aims to create a dedicated work programme to strengthen the capacities of a wide range of agricultural actors. The idea is to include child labour prevention and youth employment in their work.

“To achieve SDG 8.7 we need a breakthrough in agriculture where child labour is frequently found.”

Throughout the year, the FAO will organise regional consultations among agricultural actors, as well as a Global Event in November 2021 to increase awareness of good practices and promising experiences. 


The Vietnam Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs is a government institution.

Their 2021 Action Pledge aims to raise awareness and build capacity on ending child labour through publications, handbooks, and policy dialogues. The idea is to reach hundreds of participants from the agriculture, fishery, and food processing sectors, among others.

“We will create a network among relevant stakeholders through vocational training to prevent child labour, particularly in the agricultural sector.”

The plan is to serve as a source of reference to prevent child labour and spark action to achieve the SDGs and green growth.

ILO Office for Turkey

The ILO Office for Turkey is a United Nations organization based in Ankara.

Their 2021 Action Pledge aims to eliminate the worst forms of child labour in Turkey, where more than 30% of children in child labour work in agriculture. The ILO office will support to increase access to public education, support governance institutions, and strengthen advocacy on child labour.

“Three projects will be implemented in 21 provinces of migration origin and destination with funding from the European Union, Ferrero and CAOBISCO.”

The plan is to organise nationwide activities on 12 June, the World Day Against Child Labour to raise awareness among the broader public and mobilise constituents.