How stakeholders are taking action against child labour

Innovative ideas on how to empower children, work with partners, and prevent unintended consequences

We’re highlighting some of the 2021 Action Pledges we’ve received so far. Get inspired by these short stories about how governments, UN agencies, NGOs, universities, organizations, tripartite partners, and many more are joining the global movement for children.

Dialogue Works

Dialogue Works is a civil society organization based in Germany.

Their 2021 Action Pledge aims to create safe spaces for exchange and dialogue where children in child labour can meet and plan their own advocacy actions: Children’s Advisory Committees (CACs).

“It is crucial that children in child labour, and the ideas and recommendations that they bring to the table, are included as much and as often as possible.”

The plan, pandemic-permitting, is that CACs will start to come together and meet, and then prepare a first advocacy action in late 2021.

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Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is a civil society organization based in the Netherlands.

Their 2021 Action Pledge aims to 1) set up farm-based systems to prevent, monitor and remediate child labour; 2) work with partners to tackle the root causes through community programmes; 3) conduct research on child labour.

“Sharing what we do can inspire others to take action. Only by working together can we tackle an issue as complex as child labour.”

The plan is to work with partners to improve the lives of certified farmers and their communities, so children can realize their full potential.

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Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation is an international organization based in the United States.

Their 2021 Action Pledge aims to support women entrepreneurs and boost women’s economic empowerment by, among other things, ensuring that their children are not pushed into child labour. The Foundation has designed a toolkit that will be available for download from their website.

“We were motivated to explore the unintended consequences of child labour and unacceptable working conditions in economic empowerment, which is our area of expertise.”

The plan is to share the tools and lessons learned with a wide audience. The organization remains open to feedback and reactions from the global community.

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