A song to let children fly

Ridma Weerawardena is a recording artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka. You can hear more of his music on his YouTube channel

Read his story on the ILO website.

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Fast facts

  • “Let them fly” has been watched over 150,000 times on social media.
  • 40,000 children remain in child labour in Sri Lanka, mainly in the service sector.
  • They are predominantly in hazardous and at times hidden forms of child labour, posing a challenge to its complete eradication.
  • The Government has worked with local and international partners to tackle the issue systematically.
  • In 2018, Sri Lanka became a “Pathfinder Country” under the Alliance 8.7 partnership that brings together countries and organizations to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goal of eliminating all forms of child labour by 2025.
Music can talk to a wider audience and I think it will reach a lot of hearts
Ridma Weerawardena