Individual Action

Everyone can make a difference; individuals can make personal choices.

Individuals have power when they work together in a coordinated global movement.

That’s why we’re asking individuals to make a difference by telling the world about their Action Pledges on social media.

Here are some suggestions of a 2021 Action Pledge you can make:

  • Write to a decision maker
  • Raise funds for a charity or school dealing with prevention of child labour
  • Read about fair trade and how it benefits children of poor families
  • Educate yourself and then share what you learn with friends, family, co-workers, and others, and work together to increase your “voting” power

Here’s a template for your social media post:

“I just made an Action Pledge! This year, I will educate myself about child labour issues and talk to my family and friends about the problem. Let’s #endchildlabour2021