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Mejorar y fortalecer la Inspección del Trabajo brasileña en su actividad de lucha contra el trabajo infantil

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On the pledge:

The present commitment consists in improving and strengthening the Brazilian Labour Inspectorate, through the development of instruments for action and management directed to confronting child labour in the country.

On the implementation:

The management projects are as follows:
• Capacity-building for Labour Inspectors;
• Development of an administrative regulation;
• Development of a methodology for monitoring of children and adolescents who are not working;
• Development of a system of tax audit (malha fiscal) for workers under 18 years of age who are formally hired;
• Availability of a system making it possible for an external user to consult data and statistics in reference to the performance of the Labour Inspection of Brazil in the activity of combating child labour.

On the impact:

In the final analysis, the enhancement and strengthening of the Labour Inspectorate will contribute to augmenting the results of the labour inspection actions directed to the eradication of child labour in Brazil.

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