Odebrecht Engineering and Construction

pledges to

Contribute to the eradication of child labour in the civil construction and industrial installation sectors

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We are taking action!

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On the pledge:

OEC’s Sustainability, People and Organization (Human Resources) and Communication areas will carry out integrated actions to inform the workers and other stakeholders of the firm regarding the implications and impacts of the exploitation of child labour.

On the implementation:

OEC commits to the following actions:
• Mention in its Code of Conduct of its intolerance toward child labour;
• Monitoring the occurrence of the exploitation of child labour in the operations of the potential partners of the business;
• Reporting of OEC’s intolerance to child labour in its Annual Report;
• Carrying out communication activities to raise the awareness of its audiences (internal and external)

On the impact:

These actions, based on the inclusion of the topic as guidance for the conduct, shall be directed to prevention of its occurrence. Monitoring of progress in the actions will provide tangible results for the stocktaking on this initiative.

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